At Infinite Training we develop a close working relationship with our clients. So much so that our clients have entrusted us with the recruitment of the right people for their organisation, before they invest in training.

We know about recruitment from our years of experience at public and private sector carefully selecting, screening, interviewing and ultimately recruiting new staff.

We understand how important it is to get the right person in the right role. We’ve worked in those teams, managed them and recruited to them.

Our service industry specialism means that we can confidently find the best people to work in your organisation.

Based in the Sheffield and South Yorkshire area, we recruit across all sectors, specialising in the Customer Services, Communications, Call Handling, Managements and Leadership, Sales and Training, Finance fields.

Our experience and knowledge in recruitment gives us the skills to bridge the gap between the employers and their new best employee.

We find the right people through a comprehensive attraction, screening and selection process we take the hassle out of recruitment for employers.

Our aim is to work in partnership with you. It's about creating the best teams that enable you to continue to successfully build your organisation and grow your business.

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